Peter Molnar - HU
OK-1990, Cargo
About me

3 time Hungarian champion (2017,2019,2021)

Szabolcs Garab - HU
OK0715, ExtremRacer
About me


Rita Becz - HU
HA-928, Red
About me

Hot air balloon pilot since 1994 and instructor and commercial pilot since 2003. Acquired around 900 hours of flying. Hungarian Nationals: 2018, 2022 Central European Cup: 2022 Womans World Hot Air Balloon Championship: 2018., 2023. 11. place Womans Central European Cup: 2019. This year I have the pleasure of competing in the World Championship, which is more than exciting since this year it will be organized here in Hungary.

Maksym Demchuk - UA
UR-HTM, Hetman
About me

Pilot since 2010. Participant in Worlds 2018,2022; Europeans 2021.

Péter Nagy - HU
HA-777, ExtramRacer 2.
About me


Kim Larsen - DK
OY-WOW, Blue Ocean
About me

Current Danish Champion Balloon Pilot since 2010, Instructor since 2014, participated in 2 World Championship, 5 European championships

David Bareford - GB
About me

Started ballooning in 1974. I took part in the 1977 British Nationals and first represented the U.K. at the World Championships at Castle Howard later that year coming 10th. My work took me to South Africa between 1978 and 1980 where I introduced ballooning to the Cape Province. Out there I won the South African National Balloon Championships in 1978, 79 and 80. I have won the UK National championships on 9 occasions, the European championships three times and won the World championships twice. I flew all my 3 children out from the maternity hospital within 3 days of their births. I now have over 4,100 hours P1. I was awarded the BBAC and CIA gold badges in 1994 and now have the three 3 diamond additions to it. I received the Gold Medal of the Royal Aero Club in 1997 and the Britannia Trophy in 1998. I was awarded an FAI diploma in 1999. I was given the Freedom of the City of London in 2008. I was the competition director of the Europeans in Szeged in 2021.

Stefan Jakob Zeberli - CH
EC-NOK, The Racer by Ultramagic
About me

Born in 1981, Balloon pilot for hot air balloons since 2000 and for gas balloons since 2003 All together done more then 3200flights and 6200h, my theam have been 5times european champion, the greatest success where world champoin 2022.

Martin Wegner - DE
D-OBBY, Dobby (from Harry Potter)
About me

started ballooning in 2005, in the german national balloon team since 2008

Kenneth Karlstrom - GB
About me

I started ballooning when I studied at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. The local beer company had sponsored the university balloon and I found the combination of balloon flights and free beer very appealing. I competed for Sweden in 3 World Championships 1981 – 1985 and stopped competing when I started flying commercial balloons in Kenya 1986. I moved to the UK in 1991 and carried on flying commercially until a few years ago when I started competing again. I’m now competing for the United Kingdom.

Thomas Kindermann-Schön - AT
OE-RIT, Italia
About me

Pilot since 2003, Participants in Worlds 2018 and Europeans 2017 and 2019. Best result is a 10th place in the 2019 Europeans.

René Erni - CH
About me

After about 1000 paragliding flights, I started ballooning in 2000. I've been a member of the national team since 2007.

Roman Bauta - PL
About me

I've always been fascinated by aviation. I was jumping with a parachute but when I bought a balloon, I stopped jumping.

Roman Hugi - CH
About me

Balloon pilot since 2010, top ten results at European and World Championships, European Champion 2021. I just love to try and reach some targets.

Henk Broeders - NL
About me

I started ballooning since 1972 and I got my balloonlicense in 1986. I won the Dutch Championship 19 times and still Dutch champion.

JeanPhilippe Odouard - FR
About me

Start Ballooning in 90' Pilot since 1999 Commercial pilot since 2010 in Annonay Participated all French championship since 2002 and 3 world championship French champion 2013 & 2020 4th European Szeged 2021 7th World Murska Sobota Flying in Brazil - Wag Dubaï - and European country.

Nicolas Schwartz - FR
F-GYNS, St Michel
About me

Hot air balloon pilot since 2000, 4 times French Champion (2008, 2009, 2012, 2019), Best results are 3rd at 2022 World Championship in Slovenia, 3rd at last 2019 European's Championship in Mallorca and 4th at World's Championship (Debrecen in 2010, Saga in 2016). Business owner of based in Barcelona (Spain) offering since 2006 fun and nice balloon rides over Catalonia.

Daniel Kusternigg - AT
OE-RDK, Kärnten
About me

8 time Austrian Champion

Marc Blaser - CH
N6230V, Cassidy
About me

USA, WM Brasilien 2014, WM Frankreich 2017, European Championship Mallorca 2019, Swiss Championship 2019, Luxembourg Balloon Trophy Ballooning CV: 2016/18/19, Saga 2011, 2017

Steven Vlegels - BE
OO-BFN, Black Racer
About me

7x Belgian Champion, Silver medal World Air Games Dubai

Uwe Schneider - DE
EC-MAG, Rainbow Racer
About me

Dinosaur in Competition Ballooning

Laure de Coligny - FR
About me

Become pilot in 2007 at 18 years old French champion in 2015 Participate in international competition since 2012

David Spildooren - BE
OO-BWD, Balloons Chaize
About me

Hot air balloon pilot since 2007, participants in Worlds an Europeans

Clement Seigeot - FR
About me

Commercial balloon pilot over the city of Melbourne (Australia). French Champion 2017. World ranking #3

Roy Gommer - NL
PH-???, TBA
About me

Hot air balloon pilot since 2014 and acquired around 700 hours of flying. Started flying competitions in 2016. Junior world champion in 2021 Two times Dutch champion (2021 & 2023).

Blai Carbonell Rodriguez - ES
About me

I started ballooning in 1998 after a few years in mountaineering and climbing, hobbies that I have continued to practice since I was young. In 2006 I tried the competition and I loved it.

Ivan Ayala - ES
EC-LEO, Rioja
About me

Silver in '11 Europeans. Bronze in '13 Europeans. 5th in 2018 Worlds

Tomasz Filus - PL
About me

Hot air balloon pilot since 2010. 3 times Polish Champion Silver Medal in Junior Worlds 2016 Polish national team since 2012

Dominic Bareford - GB
G-CKXH, Sundance
About me

Been in ballooning my whole life, have enjoyed flights all over the world including Argentina, Melbourne, Japan, Europe. I fly as a job and for fun with family and friends. British national champion 2015-2019 Junior World champion 2014 World champion 2018

Tom Hook - GB
G-HUKS, Black Hawk
About me

Competition Pilot. 6 ft 4 great banter

Kristine Vevere - LV
YL-013, Air Kiss
About me

Latvian Champion 5 times, 5th place in the 1st Women HAB Europeans. The most exciting experience- competing in World Air Games 2015, Dubai, UAE.

Igor Miklousic - HR
9A-ORA, Celebration of flowers
About me

I am a second generation balloonist with both of my parents competitive balloon pilots and founders of Balloon club Zagreb. I continue the tradition and am extremely happy to be able to fly over the world in one of the most beautiful balloons - The Celebration of flowers, a flying painting of Ivan Rabuzin.

Mateusz Rekas - PL
SP-BMR, Roleski eXtreme
About me

World Champion in Long Distance Gas Ballooning, Gordon Bennett Cup 2018

Juraj Brezan - SK
OM-2345, Chivas Regal
About me

I fly for joy and compete with enthusiasm. From time to time I hit the target or win something. This is the right motivation for me and the crew to wake up for next morning briefing :-)

Vito Rome - SI
About me

I have great memories of flying over Hungary and am looking forward to competing again on Europeans. Multiple Slovenian champion, several places in the first third of pilots on Europeans.

Marián Hrano - SK
OM-3333, Bramac
About me

Balloonpilot since 2006, flight instructor.

Roman Savchuk - UA
About me

3 times champion of Ukraine, 1st place in the Russian Cup, and at the open Lithuanian Championship, 18th place in the European Championship

Rokas Kostiuskevicius - LT
LY-RRV, Orange Racer
About me

Been in the air with a hot air balloon in Argentina during full Solar eclipse. Ultramagic life!

Bastian Schwarz - DE
OE-RMW, Kubicec XR
About me

Second generation balloonist, flying PIC since 2008, cometitions since 2013

Sven Goehler - DE
D-OHFB, Red Mistral
About me

Pilot since 1996 World Air Games Champion 2009 Vice European Champion 2015 5 times German Champion

Vytautas Junevicius - LT
About me

I am active in a hot air balloon sports since 2002. I participated in several European and World Championships. During the entire career I have won several international competitions.

Benjamin Cleyet-Marrel - FR
F-HIRO, Hiro
About me

Started ballooning 20years ago, competition 8 years ago. Work at Ballons Chaize. and operate Above Laos.

Witold Filus - PL
About me

as a glider and motor aircraft pilot I got a balloon licence at the age of 37, reigning champion of Poland, won 8 times balloon championship of Poland, won a few 1st category international events

Nairi Barseghyan - AM
EK-B006, Armenia The Hidden Track
About me

Nairi Barseghyan was born in Armenia, the city of Yerevan in 1986 President of the Ballooning Sports Federation of Armenia. Founder and Chief pilot of SkyBall. Hot air balloon pilot since 2014 World Record holder: AX-9 Duration 34h 39min 16sec

Jan Suchy - CZ
OK-0014, DHL Express
About me

I was born into a family of balloon pilots. Both my parents have been working for both of the world's leading balloon manufacturers and ballooning has been around me for all my life. Today I am 33 and this is my second World event. Szeged will be my third time in Hungary as this is where I competed for the first time abroad.

Dovydas Vaitkevičius - LT
About me
Not set yet...
Dieter Ackermann
About me
Not set yet...
Helmut Pöttler - AT
About me

Pilot since 1995

Borce Paunovski - MK
About me
Not set yet...
Joe Zvada - US
About me
Not set yet...
About me


John Petrehn - US
About me

Rhett Heartsill - US
About me

Member of Team USA. I have competed in Hot Air Ballooning since 2009. I am a 4-time U.S. National Champion, and 1-time World Champion (Saga, Japan 2016). Excited to compete alongside my brother Lucas, and father Joe.

Joe Heartsill - US
About me

Team USA Pilot. I have been flying balloons since 1979. I am a 5-time US National Champion, 6-time World Grand Prix Champion and 1-time World Champion (1995 - Battle Creek Michigan USA). Looking to compete alongside my two sons Lucas & Rhett.

Bruce Wood - US
About me
Not set yet...
michel BOURBIER - FR
About me
Not set yet...
Cédric Gauch - CH
About me

Pilot since 2018 based in Switzerland

christophe betzen - LU
About me
Not set yet...
Eliav Cohen - IL
About me

Eliav, the distinguished owner and chief pilot of Seattle Ballooning, carves a historic path as the inaugural Israeli contender in the World Ballooning Championship. Holding dual citizenship in the United States and Israel and having spent his formative years in Israel before moving to the US, Eliav deeply understands the power of sports as a unifying force across diverse communities. Representing Israel, Eliav channels his competitive spirit towards achieving excellence. He views ballooning as a meaningful platform to bridge cultural and political divides, fostering connections amid the Middle East's complexities. His participation in the championship is a testament to how sports can transcend differences, uniting people under a common banner of respect and shared aspirations. Eliav's dedication to excellence and unity in the championship highlights his personal achievements and reflects the broader potential of sportsmanship to inspire cohesion and understanding worldwide.

Branko - SI
About me

Hot Air Balloon pilot since 1992

Ignas Kazlauskas - LT
About me


Edward Saunders - AU
About me
Not set yet...
Sébastien Poupart - CA
About me

Having a very strong interest in ballooning since his youngest age, Sébastien completed his licence at 20 years old, in late spring 2006. Since, he has flown since over 975h in Canada, USA, Spain, France and Argentina. He is always looking for new places to fly, compete or explore!

Ueda Satoshi - JP
About me

900h PIC

Nelson Garzon - CO
About me

Honored to be the first Colombian balloon pilot in a world competition, lets kick this beautiful sport in Colombias. I am Pilot for almost 20 years, for long time i worked at Kubiček Balloons and thanks to them i got into balloon sport and competitions wich i love and enjoy. My current goal is to make ballooning a normal and daily attraction in Colombia witch is a beautiful countrywith beautifull nature

Yudai Fujita - JP
About me

Pilot since 2005

Jason Adams - CA
About me
Not set yet...
Ragab Ahmed - EG
About me

Hot air balloon pilot over 19 years,Egyptian,I have over 2200 hours as a total flight hours as a commercial pilot, flown most worldwide balloons sizes from 90 to 600.000 CF ,some destinations that have been flown Egypt ,Turkey , Uganda , Kenya and Morocco.

Taichiro Yamashita - JP
About me

2015 pass the pilot exam 2016 2nd place in the first competition 2017 the rookie of the year National Championship 2018 8th place Junior World 2021 5th place Junior World 2022 2nd place National Championship 2023 3rd place National Championship

Markus Dikran Kalousdian - BR
About me

A hot air balloon pilot since 2010 and instructor since 2014, Markus became involved in the sport due to the influence of his parents, Rubens and Marina Kalousdian, who ventured into ballooning even before he was born and created one of the pioneering companies in the construction of hot air balloons. hot air in Brazil, Rubic Balões. He is an examiner accredited by the Brazilian Aerodesport Institute in December 2021 and has more than 500 hours of flight obtained, mostly in national and international competitions. His passion for competitiveness came from the influence of his father and uncle (Rui Kalousdian), who won, respectively, 8 and 2 Brazilian ballooning titles, in addition to other victories in regional championships.

Bojan - HR
About me
Not set yet...
Maarten Deleersnyder - BE
About me

Pilot since 2023

Arkadiusz Iwański - PL
About me
Not set yet...
Jakub Dziedziak - PL
About me
Not set yet...
Matthew Scaife - AU
About me
Not set yet...
Inga Van Haver - LV
About me

I am a visionary, who dreams of creating joy for others. Wife, mom for 3 sons. Pilot, Instructor, Flight Examiner, +1200H in the air. Fly all around in the world for adventures, little bit as sport pilot as well. Fly more then 20 country's, 3 continents. Most lovely place for beautiful flying - Valensole- France, Zabok- Croatia, Latvia. Most lovely place in all beautiful planet - Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai- Thailand.

Kshetrimayum Imochaoba Singh - IN
About me

Capt. Kshetrimayum Imochaoba Singh is the only Pilot in India holding the Flight Instructor Rating (Balloon) No.01 issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India which is the highest qualification in the field of Hot Air Balloon for imparting training in Hot Air Balloon. He is among the pioneers who introduced the Hot Air Ballooning in India and other South Asian countries. He started his journey to the field of Aero Sports from a young age through NCC. Besides holding Flight Instructor Rating for Hot Air Balloon, he also holds flying Licenses including Pilot License Balloon No. 06, Flight Radio Operator’s License ® No. 5647, Pilot License Glider No. 858 and Glider Instructor, FIR No.103 issued by DGCA. Capt. Imochaoba received training in flight inspection of Glider from Gliding Centre, Pune of DGCA, Flight Inspection & Repairing of Hot Air Balloon from Ultra Magic Balloons, Spain and in Maintenances and Repairing of Hot Air Balloon from Cameron Balloons Ltd, Bristol, UK. For participation in the international championships organized by Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the Capt. Imochaoba obtains Federation Aeronautique Internationale Sporting License (Glider & Balloon) issued by the Aero Club of India. He is one-time Examiner for Hot Air Balloon and Authorization for Glider Instructor/examiner issued by DGCA. Shri Imochaoba’s effort and skill has included India in the ballooning map of the world having participated in the several prestigious world Championships and festivals including the 14th World Hot Air Balloon Championship in Austria (1999), 2nd World Air Game in Spain (2001), 1st British Grand Prix Hot Air Balloon Championship, UK (2002), 15th World Hot Air Balloon Championship in France (2002), National Air Show in Sri Lanka (2006), International Desert Balloon Festival in Rajasthan, India (2006), 1st and 4 th Pattaya International Balloon Festival in Thailand (2007 and 2011), World aerobatic Air Show in Al Lin, UAE (2008), Sri LankaInternational Balloon Festival (2008), European Balloon Festival, Igualada, Barcelona,Spain (2010), 1st International Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival, Taiwan(2011), Winter Hot air balloon camp, Taiwan(2012), Indonesia International Balloon Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia (2012), Tainan International Balloon Festival, Taiwan(2013), Huinan International Balloon Festival, China (2014), Panjing International Balloon Festival, China (2015), 23rd World Hot Air Balloon Championship in Austria (2018), International Kashi Balloon and Boat festival at Varanasi (2023) and 48th year of the National Reunification Day of Vietnam (2023). He has flown across the country including flights for the National Geographic Channel and BBC. He has trained in Hot Air balloon to the officials of Indian Navy, Indian Army, and also civilians. Out of the hundreds of trainees, 27 Indian Army personals, 2 Indian Navy personals and numerous civilians have been conducted Solo flights to become pilots. Shri Singh has piloted for Limca Record for Sky dive from Hot Air Balloon during National Youth Festival in Hisar. Being the first commercial pilot, he has frown as Chief Pilot for a Commercial Ballooning and also served as an Instructor for Gliding at the Delhi Gliding Club, Sufdurjang Airport, New Delhi from 1994 to 2003 where he trained numerous pilot aspirants including NCC Air Wing Squadron and civilians. Significant contribution: I have represented the country at the various prestigious Hot Air Balloon festivals and Championships across the world marking India in the Ballooning map of the world. I am the only civilian pilot who has been imparting training in the flying of Hot Air Balloon to the officials of Indian Navy, Indian Army, and also civilians. With my sincere effort, I introduced the latest technique to Indian Army personnels to conduct Solo flights of Hot Air Balloon which has been the first of its kind in the history Indian Defense. Many civilian trainees have also obtained Student Pilot License and Pilot License (Balloon) from the DGCA under my guidance. Being the pioneer in the field, I formulated the systematic way with the latest technique for imparting training in the flying of Hot Air Balloon in India. Being the only Instructor, questions are prepared for the examinations for pilots (balloon) conducted by the DGCA. Propagation and promotion of aero sports activities such as Hot Air Ballooning, Parasailing, Aero modeling, and Paragliding across the country has been my sincere mission in life. Having flown across the country from the Leh region to Kanyakumari, Ahmedabad to Churachandpur in Manipur, and several parts of the globe, my flying attained more than 8000 hours. Besides flying, I have introduced the knowledge of flying across the country conducting workshops and seminars. I have been imparting knowledge in aero sports to youngsters as part of education for future prospects guiding them the scope of flying as their profession by keeping good health and diverting from drugs and other unwanted activities. Impact/outcome of the work done by the person: India has been a part of the Ballooning map of the world with participation in the most prestigious championships such as World Hot Air Balloon Championship and World Air Game organized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the highest international body of aero sports activity recognized by the Olympic Association. As a pilot and instructor for Hot Air Balloon and Glider, numerous officials of Indian Army and Navy were trained to the international standard of flying. Besides Defense officials, I am instrumental in imparting training in Hot Air Ballooning to Civilians with the latest technique time to time. In order to fulfill the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to empower the youth, the First North East Aero Sports, Balloon, and Para motor festival was organized from at Phubala, Manipur organized by the Government of Manipur in association with the Indian Army from 11 to 17 February 2023. The event was first of its kind to accomplish the National Aero Sports policy 2022 of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to create the country as Air Sports Nation by 2030. The event was organized under my Technical Directorship. With my sincere instructions, many solo pilots of civilian as well as Indian Army have been produced and many of them are flying successfully in many parts of the globe. Provide Four Lines : I am the first and only Flight Instructor Rating (Balloon), the highest qualification for Hot Air Balloon issued by the DGCA, Government of India. India is in the Ballooning map of the world with my participation in the Championships organized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. I am also the only instructor for the Indian Army and Indian Navy. I also continue to serve as an advisor to various State Governments and National Aero-sports bodies further development in the area of aero sports activities to fulfill the vision of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to create the country as Air Sports Nation by 2030. Awards and Honours received by Capt. Ksh. Imochaoba Singh (Jan to Aug 2023) Capt. Ksh. Imochaoba Singh has been bestowed with the following awards and honours for his contribution to the field of Aero sports, especially Hot Air Ballooning: • Taiwan International Balloon festival Advisor by Taitung County Government • Delhi Ratna by Bharat Manch on 24 April 2022 at the Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi. • Times Business Award 2023 was bestowed on 14 April 2023 by Padmashri Raveena Tandon, a Bollywood actress in a special function organized by the Times Group of Company at the Grand Hotel, New Delhi • Certificate of Honour for contribution in the field of Aero Sports was conferred by the Government of Delhi on 12 August 2023 at Delhi Secretariat Auditorium, New Delhi. • Asia Pacific Excellence Award 2023 for contribution to the field of Aero Sports was bestowed on 13 August 2023 at Radisson Hotel, Gurugram by the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce. • Commonwealth Vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga has awarded the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy to KshetrimayumImochaoba Singh in the specialised area of Aero Sports Special Reference to Hot Air Balloon and the award was conferred on 13 August 2023 at Radisson Hotel, Gurugram by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Asia) Commonwealth Vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga. Any Other Relivant Information: I started his journey of flying from a young age through NCC and participated in the all India Air Force Attachment camp at Hasimara Air force station, West Bengal and all India Vayu Sainik Camp at Dordaplapur, Karnataka. I was Senior Under officer Cadet in No.1 Manipur (Air Squadron) NCC, Directorate of North East Region, Shillong and participated in the all India Cycle expedition from Gawahati to Darjeeling. Best Aero-modeler & Best Glider Pilot (pre RDC camp & ATC camp) during my training in NCC. I am the founder member of Meghalaya Lawn Tennis Association who represented Meghalaya team as coach in the National School Lawn Tennis Sports Meet at Gandhinagar. He was a winner of Meghalaya Summer & Winter Lawn Tennis Tournaments in men’s double, single and American double (1984 to 1988). I served as President, Rotract Club, Shillong for two terms and a recipient of Best Rotractor twice.

About me
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JIE li - CN
About me

I am a Chinese hot air balloon pilot who likes to compete. I am currently ranked second in China and have participated in two hot air balloon world championships

Warley Macedo - BR
About me

Vice Campeão da Copa Brasil de Balonismo 2023 Medalha de Ouro nos Jogos Aéreos Brasileiros. 2022 Campeão do 2° Festival de Balonismo em Fernandopolis 2022 Bicampeão do Festival Internacional de Balonismo em Torres/RS 2015/2016. Vice Campeão do 03° Festival de Balonismo em Anápolis – GO 2016. Campeão do Campeonato Paulista de Balonismo em 2015 Vice Campeã do Festival de Balonismo em Itaboraí/RJ 2014. Bicampeão do Campeonato Nacional de Balonismo em Brasília 2011/2012. Vice Campeã do Campeonato Paulista de Balonismo em Jacareí/SP 2012. Vice Campeão do Campeonato Sul Brasileiro de Balonismo em Maringa/PR 2012. Campeão do Campeonato Nacional de Balonismo em Brasilia 2011. Vice Campeão do Campeonato Paulista de Balonismo em Jacareí/SP 2011.

Martynas Lyčius - LT
About me

Second generation pilot. Competing since 2014. Competed in Junior Worlds 2016, 2018, Europeans 2017, Worlds 2022

Agne - LT
About me

Enjoying the variety ballooning gives, trying to get the most out of it. Ballooning competition participant since the first week after acquiring my license. Commercial balloon pilot with Group D balloons and flight instructor.

Nick Donner - US
About me
Not set yet...
Jan Oudenampsen - NL
About me
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Werner Schrank - AT
About me

balloon pilot since 1999 participate at the: 2012 world hot air balloon championships in USA 2014 world hot air balloon championships in Brazil 2016 world hot air balloon championships in Japan 2018 world hot air balloon championships in Austria 2022 world hot air balloons championships in Slovenia 2013 european hot air balloon championships in Poland 2015 european hot air balloon championships in Hungary 2017 euriopean hot air balloon championships in France 2019 european hot air balloon championships in Spain

Erik Pals - NL
About me

Commercial Balloonpilot since 1994.

Bert - NL
About me
Not set yet...
Jeremy Rubin - US
About me

Pilot since 1999

Chase Donner - US
About me
Not set yet...
Arkadiusz Sionkowski - PL
About me
Not set yet...
Daniel Gregory - GB
About me

Fly for fun around the world!

Yoshiro HIRANO - JP
About me
Not set yet...
Paterson Saunders - AU
About me


Scarlett Saunders - AU
About me

Ballooning has been a part of my life since I can remember. I obtained my private licence at 16 years old, followed by my commercial licence at the age of 20, flying passengers over the beautiful Yarra Valley (VIC, Australia) for nearly 3 years now. When I am not in the sky or going for my post-flight nap, I am attending university, in my 2nd year of studying Nutrition Science which I love (so far)! I am still finding my feet in competition flying, but I am excited to learn some mad skills from the world's best pilots and meet new people who share a love for this sport.

Etienne MERCIER - FR
About me
Not set yet...
About me

Aeronautical engineer at Ultramagic

Stehli Luc - CH
About me
Not set yet...
Lucas Heartsll - US
About me
Not set yet...
Shinnosuke Imamura - JP
About me
Not set yet...
Susanna Obieglo - DE
About me
Not set yet...
Filipe Tostes - BR
About me
Not set yet...
Hiromori Soejima - JP
About me

Balloon pilot since 2000.

Marcus Green - GB
About me
Not set yet...
Pascal Kreins - DE
About me
Not set yet...
About me

Hot air balloon's pilot since 2017

Denis Dawidziuk - PL
About me
Not set yet...
Sanne Haarhuis - NL
About me

Having grown up in ballooning I am very glad to have become a pilot. I enjoy competition the most but the best thing about it is having friends all over the world. I enjoy bringing smiles to peoples faces when we fly.

Anton Kerr - AU
About me
Not set yet...
Luis Silvestre - BR
About me

Luis Silvestre, four-time Brazilian ballooning champion, has stood out in national and international competitions, including five World Championships, two pre-World Championships, and the World Air Games in Dubai. The formation of the RVB Team, born from friendship and a shared passion for ballooning, has turned into a close-knit family within the sport. Today, the RVB Team is preparing for the 25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship, aiming to achieve an unprecedented feat for Brazil.

Harrison Fraser - AU
About me
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About me
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