31st December 2023 pipa 2 Letter to NACs
31st January 2024 pipa 2 Deadline for NACs
5th February 2024 pipa 2 Individual Invitation to Competitors (1st round)
8th March 2024 next 1st round Deadline
18th March 2024 next Individual Invitation to Competitors (2nd round)
18th March 2024 next 2nd round start
10th April 2024 pipa 2 The beginning of the entry period for Fiesta Pilots
15th April 2024

next 2nd round Deadline

25th April 2024 Individual Invitation to Competitors (3rd round - if necessary)
25th April 2024 3rd round start (if necessary)
31st May 2024 3rd round Deadline (if necessary)
31st May 2024 The deadline for the Fiesta Pilots entry period
31st July 2024 Deadline for updating competitor data for pre-check
31st July 2024 Finalization of the members of the pilots's teams
6th – 8th September Training flights 
8th September, 17:00 General Briefing
8th September Opening Ceremony
9th – 13th September, 05:15 Task Briefing
9th – 13th September, 16:00 Task Briefing
13th – 14th September Szeged International Airshow
14th September Check out
 14th September  Awards Ceremony



Updated at 11th April 2024